The First of Its Kind at Grove Square Galleries

If you’re thinking of taking the next step towards an art purchase, then I highly recommend Grove Square Galleries. The guys from this gallery have been in the business for close to 35 years, and they know their stuff when it comes to showcasing the quality of their collection. They really do set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd, and this has both their clients, and those who are just visiting their gallery for the first time, in droves. It is truly an experience that no art buyer should pass up.

Andy Cowell and the entire team have always been highly professional, knowledgeable and customer centered. They constantly care about their customers and this shows in the way that they go above and beyond to solve any questions and concerns that you might have, along the way. When it comes to buying paintings from an established gallery, without question, they will have an exhibit that can satisfy even the most discerning of collectors.

Recently they have decided to take it one step further by adding a Private Limited Edition Collection of solo exhibitions. This collection consists of paintings that were recently purchased from private investors. These paintings have been hung at grove square galleries and art shops all over London, as well as in some major cities around the world. They are very consistent in their display of high quality paintings. They have also decided to hold a few solo exhibitions at prominent locations all around the UK, such as in London, New York, and Barcelona.

In this solo exhibition titled “Christopher Kieling’s solo exhibition at grove square”, works from many different artists can be seen. Some of the most notable figures that can be found here include British contemporary artist Peter Hook, Germany’s renowned artist Joachim Kohler, and Spain’s leading modern artist, Pablo Picasso. The entire exhibition was arranged to coincide with the centennial anniversary of Christening of their, a six-year-old Spanish child. This show has since become something of an occasion in itself. Each artist’s individual artistic style was brought to life on the big screen in a mesmerizing display of light and shadow.

As part of the celebrations surrounding the creation of the International Art Fair in Amsterdam, Grove Square Galleries decided to create a new space for an artist who is well known throughout the world, and whose work is exhibited internationally. The first of which was the solo exhibition of Joachim Kohler, who is also a member of the founding Cellismatic Group of artists who are based in Britain. The next in line was a collaboration between Spain’s leading modern artist, Pablo Picasso, and a pair of French artisans, Gaelice Dufourneau and Albert Le Corbusier. This exhibition, entitled “Picasso – The Doorway to the Kingdom of Imagination” was entitled, appropriately enough, as the” Writer’s Way into the Kingdom of the Imagination.”

The success of this exhibition was highlighted by the response it received from both audiences and art lovers. In fact, Grove Square managed to create a space which was so much more than an expensive and isolated attempt to create a unique voice for an artist. It created a spotlight that would spotlight not only the unique voice of the artists involved, but would give the public a chance to view the work which would otherwise have been overlooked. It is hopeful to think that similar efforts may be successful in other cities in order to help generate interest in art which is usually relegated to the backstage. In fact, perhaps such initiatives will become so successful that artists may be able to stage their solo exhibitions in such locations as public libraries.

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