Smoky Mountain Alike – An Elegant Pod Kit

The Smoky Mountain Alike by Smoktech is the latest Smoky Mountain Pod Kit from Smoktech, an amazing new product that delivers the high performance and satisfying satisfaction of sub-ohm vaping in a stylish and compact device that fits comfortably in the hand. Features a bright, colourful 96  TFT display and a spacious firing button, with the Smoky Mountain Alike also featuring an innovative new leather patchwork pattern and comfortable ergonomic controls to create an amazing, easy-to-use experience for gamers of all levels. The Smoky Mountain Alike is an excellent new generation of the more popular ‘Box-Box-alike’ pods, with a uniquely distinctive leather patchwork pattern and excellent ergonomic controls disguising a sophisticated and powerful electronic device.

With the Smoky Mountain kit, Smokyvape has created a Pod-Kit with every aspect of it’s high performance, quality product neatly packed into one convenient package, without sacrificing style. With the Smoky Mountain kit you will receive two Smoky Mountain Alikes, two Smoky Mountain Replacement Coils, a Smoky Mountain Replacement Glass Tube, and two Smoky Mountain Spares, making the Smoky Mountain kit complete! When compared with other similar pod-kit products, the Smoky Mountain kit packs a massive punch.

The Smoky Mountain Alike allows for the ultimate in temperature control, allowing vapers to produce clouds of vape shop at any temperature, making it the perfect solution for cloud chasing, or creating an intense, tasty dessert flavour. The Smoky Mountain kit also features an in-built thermometer, which allows you to accurately monitor your own personal cloud production, allowing you to ensure you are producing healthy, tasty clouds every time.

The Smoky Mountain kit also features a variable wattage feature, which allows for precise adjustments between low and high settings, ensuring that you always produce the perfect amount of vapor for your personal situation. A built in battery backup ensures that the Smoky Mountain kit will always provide you with plenty of power to power your own device.

Using a Smoky Mountain Kit is simple, with the only equipment required to install the kit being the Smoky Mountain Alikes and the replacement coil, glass tubes, and replacement glass tube. Included with the kit are the Smoky Mountain Alike itself, the Smoky Mountain Replacement Coil, the Smoky Mountain replacement Glass Tube, and two replacement coils – and the Smoky Mountain Spare, making it very convenient and easy to get started!

If you are looking for a Pod-Kit that gives you both convenience and style, then the Smoky Mountain Kit may be just what you are looking for. A Pod-Kit that gives you the best of both worlds, the ultimate in comfort and style, the Smoky Mountain Kit gives you the functionality and versatility of a Pod-Kit, while giving you the style and flair of a Pod-Kit.

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