Personal Tech – Is it Changing the World?

The year’s biggest danger, according to experts, is the advancement of AI, and the potential collision with human existence. This year will be the first time humans have been artificially intelligent machines capable of doing such tasks as thought swapping and decision making. According to tech industry analyst, Arthur Stone, there will be a collision at some point during the development of artificially intelligent machines. “We are moving toward an artificial intelligence singularity, where computers are capable of everything or almost everything that a human can do,” he said. “That will open up space for hazard.”

The development of human personal technologies poses a huge risk, according to some experts, and it’s not clear when that will happen. “You could be living in a world where everyone has a robotic personal assistant, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor, lawyer, factory worker, housewife, or even a child!” said Mattieu Venter, founder and president of Avanti. “That world doesn’t exist yet, but I believe it will within the next ten years.” When that happens, human personal developments may be affected.

Some experts think we already live in a computerized future. “People don’t realize how much personal information they store on their computers,” Venter said. “I bet their mom doesn’t either.” When that happens, personal technologies will play a much larger role in our lives than was once imagined. “In a decade, half of all U.S. marriages will be between individuals who have personal technologies,” Venter added. “That’s a scary thing.” This article will assist you with picking the manifestor human design.

Of course, technology doesn’t have to come between people, it can come between people and things. One example is the idea of self-driving cars. Some tech enthusiasts are working on autonomous cars that will allow individuals to travel without human assistance. These geeks envision a future where every person in the car is an entrepreneur. If you are familiar with Peter Diamandis and his idea for the World University, the notion of creating a virtual college based on the Internet can be considered very similar. Just as geeks are turning their inventions into money making tools, they are also turning their technology into ways to make money.

However, not all human personal tech developments will be welcomed by everyone. The future of personal technologies may be one where, instead of getting a head start, we get pushed back. A future where personal technologies are ahead of us, and there are no real options left to get ahead of ourselves might seem like a scary place to live, but as Mark Twain once wrote, “Ladders are climbing, but the dreams to climb them are climbing along with them.”

Personal technologies are changing the way we do business, the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we work, and more. We’re still not quite there with self-driving cars, and it looks like we’ll never see the automobile fully automated. Yet many geeks are convinced that this will be the next big thing, and personal tech is here to stay. As Matt Cutts, Google’s chief software officer, recently told an audience, “If you ask me, I would say the next five years will be the hottest time in history for computer technology, especially for software. I would be very happy to be wrong.”

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