Manicure Tables

Manicure tables prove to be a great aid for nail artists who work on a nail base. The use of nail tables gives nail technicians the chance to increase their clientele by providing them the tools they need to create beautiful nails without having to get up from their work station. Manicure stations provide nail technicians with the opportunity to use various different tools and beauty products right in their work station, while comfortably sitting down. Manicure tables also give nail technicians the chance to offer their customer additional services like buffing and cutting, which would have been impossible without their specialized equipment. Manicure stations give nail technicians the opportunity to increase their clientele while simultaneously increasing their profits.

When it comes to selecting a Manicure Table, the first thing you should consider is the size of the space you have available. Manicurists must always plan out their workstation before purchasing any products, so that they know what size tables will fit into the space they have available. Manicure stations come in various sizes, with adjustable heights and various width dimensions. Manicurists can choose to have tall or wide Manicure Tables, depending on the type of nail art they perform.

Manicure nail desk are normally divided by the thickness of the tabletop and the height they are capable of reaching. A Manicure Table that is four feet tall and over measures forty two inches by forty six inches and can hold up to thirteen inches of manicure nail files. A Manicure Table that is under two feet tall and less than forty inches wide measures only between eight and ten inches by ten inches. The thickness of a Manicure Table can vary from one inch to two inches. The thickness of a Manicure Table commonly ranges between twelve to sixteen inches.

In addition to Manicure Tables there are various accessories for use in the salon, such as adjustable chairs and sinks. Most Manicure Tables have adjustable chairs that can be adjusted in length to reach two hundred and twenty degrees, while Manicure Chairs range from eight to sixteen inches in height. Sinks can be found in a variety of styles, with sinks ranging between two to three gallons. Manicure sinks are made in a variety of styles, such as chrome, marble, stainless steel, copper, and porcelain.

Manicure Tables also often include storage drawers and removable storage racks beneath the tabletop. Storage drawers can be used to store manicure equipment while waiting for a client. Most Manicure Tables also feature open shelf space under the tabletop for the purpose of displaying nail files. Manicure Tables often feature storage drawers underneath the tabletop and wheels underneath for easy mobility.

Manicure Tabletops range from standard sized Manicure Tables to extra large Manicure Tables featuring up to four and sometimes more storage drawers, and even larger storage cabinets and countertops under the tabletop. Some Manicure Tables have a removable top on their Manicure Chairs, while others do not. Standard sized Manicure Tables typically measure sixty-six inches wide by sixty-four inches tall, while extra large Manicure Tables are available in three hundred and ninety-two inches wide and three hundred and ninety-three inches tall. While a standard manicure table is usually only equipped with a sixteen inch space for the manicurist’s hands, a larger Manicure Tabletop can easily accommodate manicurists with a spread that measures up to forty-eight inches. The best manicure tables can easily exceed one hundred and fifty inches in height.

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