How does producing clean energy impact the stock price of Tesla?

The company develops and manufactures power trains for the Toyota Rav4 EV and should generate sales of around $ 100 million between 2012 and 2014. A similar deal with the Daimler 97 could be worth nearly $ 300 million. TSLA Motors is a global company that develops, manufactures and sells electrical vehicles and components. Currently, it is the only automaker that sells zero-emission series sports cars (as opposed to prototypes and prototypes).

This technological advantage is now spreading to the luxury sedan market. Tesla’s strategy of selling sophisticated, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly designs reflects Apple Computer’s business model and is a competitor that has sought to evolve the old line to keep up with growth. It is very different from other Chryslers, Ford and General Motors to meet the requirements of electric and hybrid vehicles. Despite global advances in Tesla technology development, global branding and market adoption, Tesla remains a relatively young company in emerging industries compared to the 150-year-old internal combustion vehicle industry.

Tesla Motors will sell third-party sustainable energy products together with vehicles. For example, Solar City offers affordable sizes and affordable solar panels, among other things. Due to its small size, the system can be installed on a roof on one side or configured as a garage to generate approximately 80 km of electricity per day.

Battery Environment

Tesla Motors lithium-ion cells are not classified as dangerous or safe in landfills. Battery packs can be sold to recycling companies at the end of their estimated useful life of more than 100,000 miles. In addition, the battery does not discharge at this point. Only the range is narrow. Power Plant Emissions – A common argument against electric vehicles as a carbon solution is that electric vehicles simply transfer CO2 emissions to the power plant. The obvious objection is that grid power can be developed through various means such as hydro, wind, geothermal, nuclear and solar that does not emit CO2.

Customer Perspectives / Challenges and Opinions On Today’s Electric Vehicle Market – The first was that electric vehicles were a new technology with no certainty about durability, resale value, or safety. Second, there are several reasons for the “range concerns” and the early lack of charging stations. This last problem has been resolved as many companies and government agencies have started offering both private and government charging stations. For this reason, many market researchers think that companies can give positive returns even after a good run this year. The USA is also expected to spend more on green energy this year. You can get more information of Tesla from its releases at

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