Fun Games Online You Can’t Miss

Online fun games are a wonderful way to pass time on your phone. We all know how slow and clunky the cell phone’s screen can be especially if you have a large screen. Online games can make your phone feels like a desktop computer. Most online fun games are free to download and play. Some require that you purchase the game or “upgrade” to the paid versions but the games are still free and fun.

Fun Home Games is among the top free online games for Android. Fun Home Games allows you to play thousands of free flash games and add some of your own favorites to the collection. The list of available free games is always being updated, which makes it very easy to find the newest and greatest games on Android. To start, download the game and install it on your phone. That’s really all there is to it! You will enjoy hours of fun on the go and with the large selection of games available, you are sure to find something to keep you busy.

If you prefer more visual stimulation, Zumiez is the perfect choice for you. In this fun game you are a bug zapper and you must shoot as many bugs as you possibly can. As the game moves along, you will fire at the bugs and see them whiz by on your screen. The controls are simple and provide you with the necessary action to hit the bugs. The graphics are clean and the sound is lively, so playing Zumiez will leave you spellbound. Click here for more information about

Sudoku is yet another one of the most popular fun games for phones and tablets. In this game you are given a range of numbers and the goal is to make as few of these numbers as possible by matching the correct numbers with the ones in the correct positions. For example, if you are given a number seven, you must match the number four, five, six and seven. Simple right? As the game moves on and more numbers are given, you must apply the rules and strategy to solve the puzzle. As the game moves on, you get more levels to master.

One of the newest members of the list is Tetris Online. This online fun games series provides you with an addictive game of Tetris where you guide little red bricks around the grid to score points. The main difficulty level is harder than the other games, but still easy enough for you to pick up. There are many variations to this theme including unlimited game loops (which makes this even more fun), special game challenges and several user generated levels. Playing Tetris Online is fun for everyone, young or old!

There are many more fun games that you can play on your phone or tablet. With hundreds of new games added every week, you never know what fun new game you will find. Are you having a bad day? Try one of these fun games to break your day up. No ads, no in-game money and no annoying pop-ups.

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