Designing an Effective Crime Data Analyzer

Microsoft Excel is more of an office package than it is a spreadsheet application. In fact, most Excel users will never use Microsoft Access database at all – Access is for databases and small scale business, while Excel is mostly used for work-flow processes in the larger industry. It would make more sense to try Excel before Access – after all, Excel is a spreadsheet program, right? True. However, Microsoft Excel is only part of the Office suite of products; though Data Analyzer technically falls within the Office group of products, Data Analyzer is primarily a stand-alone product which runs independent of Office.

When setting up your Data Analyzer data visualization application, make sure that it is set up with the Microsoft Dexterity or Nola plug-in. This is an optional component which will give you the ability to connect to any Windows-based database server such as Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, or SQL Server. With this capability, you will be able to access your data analyzer application from either Excel or Access, whichever you are using as your main menu along with Microsoft Dexterity. The Nola component should be installed when you install the rest of your PowerPoint components.

Once the Dexterity or Nola plug-in is installed, click “Data Analyzer Setup” to launch the software. In this initial screen, find the drop-down menu along the top of the screen which says “Data Connection.” Once you have selected the correct data connection, click “OK.” Once you have completed the Data Analyzer setup, you will see a list of eight standard reports that you will need to select and drag to the desired location on the screen. Here’s the key formula for creating the report: This is orlando for improve your data analytic ideas.

c. Choose the “Create Report” icon from the main menu that displays on the screen. d. At the same time, you will also be required to enter the name of the report in the text box. e. On the next step, you will be required to choose the appropriate report format that can be presented in various ways. You can choose either Word or PDF format in order to create the report.

f. After you have created the report, you will need to enter the data source that you have sourced in the data analyst. It is advisable to use the same data source for all the reports in order to eliminate human error. g. You will need to drag and drop the report to the desired location on the screen. h. Once the report has been placed at the desired location, you will now be able to view the report by clicking on the “View” button.

In order to use the data analyzer effectively, it is advisable that you train your staff in performing the analysis. Train them in identifying the various factors affecting crime rates. Provide them with a specific presentation so that they can be easily understandable. Also, enable them to work collaboratively with the team to generate a comprehensive report for a crime analysis. In this manner, the personnel will be more competent and more effective in handling a particular case.

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