A Textbook For Study For Students Of Psychology

A quality resource for all students in graduate or undergraduate degree programmes, Counseling Psychology: A Textbook For Study and Practice presents valuable insights on the key issues involved in the theory and practical practice in this discipline. The book consists of eight main chapters and covers areas such as basic concepts, psychological theory, assessment, decision-making, interventions, therapy and education. The book also includes many concluding chapters that summarize each chapter and offer practical advice on how to apply the concepts covered in the text. An international bestseller, it is a must for all students interested in counselling psychology.

The editors of this text have done an excellent job of preparing a textbook that is up to date and highly useful. It starts with an introduction to psychological concepts and the relationship between them. Chapters focus on various psychological concepts including cognitive concepts, meaning, concepts of agency, motivation, attitude to treatment, interpersonal skills, practice theory, stereotypes, therapy and education. The final section of the text addresses the issues of practice and research methodology. All topics and problems are effectively addressed and discussed in the text.

The text is an ideal textbook for students planning to pursue degrees in counselling. The concise and clear tone of the text makes it easy to understand and read. The editors have obviously spent considerable time researching and drafting this text. It is a great text for undergraduate students studying counselling techniques and theory. In fact, those who are just entering the subject will find the contents too advanced for their academic needs. However, it is a perfect textbook for graduate students, who may have more complex issues to address.

The text provides detailed explanations of concepts and processes involved in psychological research, counselling and treatment. It is also useful to students who plan to specialize in a certain area of psychology. It helps them understand theoretical concepts in a clear way.

The best calculus textbook recommended reading contains a chapter on self-esteem and its relation to clinical psychology. The importance of healthy self-esteem is underlined and the text gives examples of how successful people have managed to gain control over their negative emotions. It goes on to explain that people with positive emotions have the capability of handling severe challenges and stressors and are less prone to panic attacks and other related conditions. The text book includes a chapter on counselling and its role in the treatment of different psychological disorders. The importance of discussing the various levels of therapy is highlighted and the text explains that successful counselling requires both the patient and the counsellor to have an understanding of the disorder. The text also explains how counselling can be used to treat phobias and addictions.

In all, this text book is a handy guide for students. It covers the important areas of study and is an ideal textbook for students considering degrees in counselling and psychology. Most students will find this textbook extremely helpful and will benefit from it while studying. It is not only a textbook on psychology, but one that will help prepare students for a career in counselling and psychoanalysis.

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